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Chipboard - Poster with child

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1 mm pressed cardboard silhouette.

Size: 13 x 11 cm.

These silhouettes are commonly used in craft and scrapbooking projects, as they can be personalized with various creative techniques and maintain their three-dimensional shape thanks to the rigidity of the material. They are ideal for creating decorative elements on cards, scrapbooks, cardboard and other artistic applications.

Made in Spain


A chipboard silhouette is an artistic or decorative representation made from a versatile material called chipboard."" Chipboard is a type of pressed cardboard, known for its durability and rigidity, that is composed of layers of paper pressed together.Chipboard silhouettes are usually precise cutouts from this sheet of cardboard, designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These silhouettes are popular in the field of crafts, decoration and art, as they allow for a wide range of creative applications. They can be used to create decorative elements on walls, cards, scrapbooks, invitations, signs and more. Due to the rigidity of the chipboard, the silhouettes maintain their shape and structure, making them ideal for craft projects that require a three-dimensional touch.

Chipboard silhouettes can be personalized with a variety of techniques, such as painting, decoupage, decorative paper application or printing. This allows artists and hobbyists to adapt them to their specific needs and styles, making them a versatile tool for creative expression.

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