Bookbinding Fabric Cotton - Mint Green
  • Bookbinding Fabric Cotton - Mint Green

Bookbinding Fabric Cotton - Mint Green

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100% premium quality cotton binding cloth.

Size: 35x53 cm.

Different Scrapbooking techniques can be applied to it, such as hot embossing, stamping or even our heat-transferable vinyl.

The fabric is glued on the back covered with acid-free and lignin-free white paper, so that the glue does not go through the fabric and thus the binding result is impeccable. Our binding glue is perfect for this type of work.

Binding fabric is ideal for making photo albums, books, notebooks, diaries, to reinforce spines, lining boxes, for cardboard in general, etc.


Bookbinding cloth is a material used in the bookbinding process to create durable and attractive covers for books, albums or other scrapbooking projects. It is a type of fabric that is used to cover the outside of the book covers and give them a more elegant and protected appearance. ilygMGzcs

Our bookbinding cloth is strong and durable, ensuring that the bookbinding will hold up in good condition over time. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, allowing bookbinders and designers to choose the option that best suits the style and theme of the book or album. ilygMGzcs

To apply the bookbinding cloth, it is cut and fitted to the size of the covers, and then glued to the covers using specialized adhesives such as Bookbinding Glue. It is often worked in conjunction with other materials such as decorative paper, cardboard and endpaper to create a complete and attractive cover. ilygMGzcs

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