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Hello everyone! My name is Noelia, although on social media I am better known as Whassya Maspirosa, and the reason for writing these words still has me in the clouds, being part of this great team is a dream.

About five years ago I came across a smashbook on the net that stole my heart. Since then the scrapbook has me sweetly trapped and with no intention of letting go. I have always made different types of crafts but I have never been passionate about any of them in the way that scrap does. I love it for all the creative options it offers. I wouldn't be able to choose a style, I want to try everything, but without a doubt what I like the most is the time to create, see how it takes shape, try different materials... it's a good way to escape and let creativity fly .

You can find me mainly on Youtube and Instagram. I am very excited to start this new adventure and share it with all of you."

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