What is it?

Affiliate is a marketing program that allows affiliates to create links and earn commissions for any sales generated through these links.

Who can join?

Enrollment in the Affiliate Program is completely free. It is aimed at all those who are passionate about the world of scrapbooking and crafts in general: influencers, workshops, bloggers, who want to monetize their traffic.

That is, you earn redirect commissions each time a visitor comes to koraprojects.com from a link on your website and makes a purchase.

You can post links on your website or any of these social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Twitter.

The content of your website or social network must be recent, created frequently (at least during the last month). Your accounts must have a minimum of 2000 organic followers and "likes" and show active participation of users in comments. They must also be public, that is, private accounts are not allowed.

However, Kora Projects reserves all rights not to approve the request at its own discretion.


The commission corresponding to the affiliate is 10% of the net value of each product purchased by the linked customer (excluding taxes and shipping). KORA projects reserves the right to modify the percentage of the commission on any product or category.


To become our affiliate, you will have to send us an application. For this, it is necessary to be previously registered on our website koraprojects.com as a user. Within your user account you will find "my affiliate account", click there and fill out the form:

Your request will have to be reviewed and approved by the administration.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification and you can start creating links.

How does it work?

Each affiliate is assigned an identification number (ID) that will appear in the extension of all their links. This means that the program can associate the clients who access through these links with each affiliate. The assignment of the client to the affiliate lasts for 7 days. In other words, if the client accesses from the affiliate's link to our website, this client continues to be linked to the affiliate during the 7-day period. During this time, if the customer places an order, the affiliate gets his commission from the total value of the purchase (excluding taxes).

Access your user account and click on "My affiliate account". You will see different sections in the left column:


Your affiliate link: general link that leads to the home page of our online store.


Section where the activity and its accumulated balance are reflected. This is where you can request the collection of the accumulated balance both in money and in a redeemable coupon in our online store koraprojects.com


Here you can request payment of your commissions.

Available balance: the balance you have accumulated in your account.

Payment method: You can choose PayPal or Bank transfer as the payment method. In the invoice that you will have to attach, the number of the bank account or Paypal where you want to receive the money must appear.

Amount requested (EUR): the requested amount, minimum € 50.

Billing details: this is the KORA projects fiscal address to which you must issue the invoice.

Upload invoice: it is mandatory to attach the invoice in order to request payment. It has to be a pdf file.

The minimum amount to request a payment is € 50. If your balance does not reach this amount, the selection of the payment method is not visible.

To formalize the payment you must attach an invoice issued in your name or organization. The balance you have accumulated does not include taxes, that is, the corresponding rate must be reflected in the invoice you issue:

  • If you reside in mainland Spain or Baleres, you must add 21% VAT
  • If you reside in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, it is exempt from Taxes.
  • If you reside in a country of the European Union, you must add the corresponding VAT rate.
  • In the rest of the cases, no tax should be added.


  1. Payment requested of € 50 (tax base), invoiced from Spain (VAT 21%). An invoice for the total value of € 60.50 must be issued (taxable base € 50 + € 10.5 of 21% VAT)
  2. Payment requested of € 50 (taxable base), invoiced from the Canary Islands, America (0% VAT). An invoice must be issued for the total amount of € 50.

In the drafting of the invoice, you have to enter our data:

Kora Projects S.L.

CIF: B12981973

C / Benicarló, 54, 1A

12540 Vila- Real (Castellón)



The Affiliate is responsible for generating their invoices with the real data and carrying out all the necessary procedures for the presentation of them in the corresponding administrative bodies if the legislation of their country requires it.


Here you can request a redeemable coupon in our online store koraprojects.com

Once requested, it will have to be approved by the administration, then the coupon will be saved in the "My coupons" section.


Tool to create secondary links to carry out different campaigns on different platforms.


Section where you can obtain the links associated with your affiliate for each of our products. 


The list of sales linked to your affiliate account and the commissions for them.

In case of return of a purchase or some items, it will be indicated with a negative postage.


Coupons are automatically approved and can be redeemed in our online store koraprojects.com

  • General conditions for belonging to the Affiliate Program:

  • You cannot offer recognition, rewards or incentives to any person or entity for the use of your links or request their support through the use of them for charitable purposes.

  • KORA Projects may suspend or revoke and terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program, just as you, on your part, may terminate such participation at any time. In both cases, with immediate effect and always by notification to the other party via e-mail.

  • You cannot and should not refrain from making inaccurate, misleading or misleading statements about any KORA Projects product, promotions or prices.

  • You will be only responsible for your website, social network or the site where you show the affiliate links, such as the development, operation and maintenance of the same, and for all the materials that appear within it, and that otherwise comply with the Applicable legal requirements, either by including a privacy policy or by other similar means, the use of cookies, etc.

  • All rights are reserved to KORA Projects, including intellectual property rights and patrimonial rights.

  • We put at your disposal the KORA Projects logo, so that you can add it to your banners, insert it on your website or other networks recommending our products to your visitors.

  • By becoming our affiliate, you accept the conditions set out above.