What Is It and How Does It Work?

Affiliation is a marketing program that allows affiliates to create links and earn commissions for sales generated through these links.

Who Can Join?

Enrollment in the Affiliate Program is free and is open to enthusiasts of scrapbooking and crafts, such as influencers, workshop leaders, and bloggers, who want to monetize their traffic. You will earn commissions for every sale made through links on your website or social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, or Twitter.

To join, your content must be recent, created frequently, and your accounts must have at least 500 organic followers, with active user engagement in comments. Additionally, accounts must be public, though Kora Projects reserves the right to approve the application at its discretion.


The affiliate's commission is 10% of the net value of each product purchased, excluding taxes and shipping. Kora Projects reserves the right to modify the commission percentage on any product or category.


To become an affiliate, send an application after registering on koraprojects.com. Your application will be reviewed and approved by the administration. Once approved, you can start creating links.

How Does It Work?

Each affiliate is assigned an identification number (ID) that will appear in the extension of all their links. The customer linked through these links is associated with the affiliate for 7 days. During this time, if the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

Access your user account to view your affiliate link, activity summary, request payments, and manage campaigns and product links.

Request Payment:

You can request payment of your commissions through PayPal or bank transfer, with an invoice reflecting the corresponding taxes based on your location.

Request Payment via Coupon:

You can request a coupon redeemable at koraprojects.com, which will be approved by the administration before being available in "My Coupons."

General Conditions:

Being part of the Affiliate Program, you cannot offer recognition or incentives for the use of your links. KORA projects  and the affiliate can terminate their participation at any time.

The affiliate is responsible for their website or social media and agrees to the conditions, including the use of the KORA projects logo.

These are the general conditions of the Affiliate Program. Join and start earning commissions!