Customers can order the products online at the website:

Customers can use their credit cards to purchase any products from our online store and cover all the expenses.

Minimum order 10 € (Taxes included).

Customers must accept all the sales general conditions once they click on the button ‘PAY’.

The registered information by KORA PROJECTS is the proof of the transactions between KORA PROJECTS and the customer. The online store will confirm the order by email.

All the information is in Spanish.

All prices include taxes but not shipping expenses.

KORA PROJECTS reserves the right to change prices at any time, but the products will be charged based on the price at the moment of the purchase (save for the availability of the product) or typographic mistake.

The products remain with the provider until the payment process is finalized.

KORA projects reserves the right to reject a purchase if there has been a lawsuit between the purchaser and the company.


 KORA PROJECTS will do as much as possible to please all the customers.

The customer will be informed via email in case that the product is not in stock.

Reimbursements will depend on the customer’s bank and other conditions regarding type of credit card and bank terms. Terms involving postponements are explained in “Delivery”.


  • By credit card: 

Purchases are made by credit card. The credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard. All charges will be done within four days but charges will be approved after confirmation. In even that the card is rejected, the customer will receive a notification by email and the order will be cancelled.

  • Bank transfer

The customer will not pay any fees when opting for bank transfer.

The money will be refunded to the customer’s bank account.

To pay an invoice, the purchaser must have:

Invoice number.

Name of the beneficiary.

The invoice must be addressed to KORA PROJECTS’ bank account. Email the pay notice to Subject: pay notice.

  • PayPal

All payments and refunds will be made according to the data provided from the customer to PayPal.

This modality does not have an additional cost for the client of 4% on the total value of the purchase.


KORA PROJECTS confers the payments to a payment gateway.

Bank account information is encrypted and sent safely to the bank entity servers. The data is then verified by the bank to avoid fraudulent actions and abuse.

The data entry procedure is guaranteed with the encrypting technology SSL (Secure Socker Layer) – 128bits, one of the most advanced systems today. With this system, nobody will be able to gain access to the personal information of the customer.

KORA projects do not store customers’ bank account information. Only PayPal and the corresponding bank entity are entitled to access to the bank data of the purchaser.


Post-sale warranties and services are in accord with the Real Legislative Decree 1 / 2007 November 16th which approves of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. According to this law, the trader must deliver the product to the buyer in line with the purchasing contract, answering for any complaint. The customer has the right to have a discount and also to return, replace or get the product fixed.


KORA projects is not responsible for any contract breach in case of stock damage or unavailability, or if transportation companies go on a strike. The company is not bound to the contract if any natural disaster occurs as well, for example floods or fire. In event of lawsuit, the customer should try to come into agreement with KORA PROJECTS.

The Court in Madrid is the only competent organism. All the terms will be introduced in Spanish to then be legally processed in accordance with the Spanish law. All kind of complaint must be filed with the Spanish court, which is the only authorized organism.


KORA projects reserves the right to modify the sales general terms without notice. KORA PROJECTS is entitled to change, suppress or add content and services.

These changes must be accepted by the customer whenever he buys a product from KORA projects store.

Members and users must notify that they will not use KORA PROJECTS services anymore if disagreed with the modifications.

Any illegal modification to the legal terms will be set aside in consonance with the Spanish Civil Code.