Chipboard - Botanical Garden Flowers
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Chipboard - Botanical Garden Flowers

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1 bouquet of 15 x 8 cm.

Chipboard is a material that is commonly used in scrapbooking. It is a thick sheet made of paper fibers pressed and glued together to form a rigid and strong surface.

Chipboard is very popular in scrapbooking because it is durable and can be easily cut, shaped and decorated. Used to create three-dimensional elements in scrapbooking projects, such as album covers, embellishments, frames, letters, shapes and much more. You can find chipboard in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

It also comes in different pre-cut shapes and designs, making it easy to use in scrapbooking projects without having to cut it manually. In addition, you can decorate it with paint, ink, scrapbooking paper, embossing, embellishments and other materials to personalize it according to your tastes and the theme of your project.

In summary, chipboard is a versatile and resistant material that is used in scrapbooking to add dimension and structure to designs, allowing you to create unique and attractive decorative elements.

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