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Magic Tacky Glue

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MAGIC TACKY GLUE is our luxury glue that offers magical properties. It has a perfect flow to spread it quickly on the surface. Applying a thin layer achieves a very high adhesion. It dries quickly and has great flexibility. It is odorless and transparent when dry.

MAGIC TACKY GLUE glue is acid-free and totally safe, non-toxic.

It is indicated to apply on paper, wood, ceramics, fabric, suede, EVA rubber, ECOpiel, acetate and other plastics.

The precision nozzle allows you to apply the glue in smaller and more delicate areas. It closes hermetically with a simple movement, providing optimal preservation of the product.

Size: 100 mL.


Magic Tacky Glue is known for its ability to glue a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, plastic, and other items commonly used in craft projects. It provides a strong, long-lasting bond and dries clear, making it ideal for projects where you want no adhesive to be visible.

This type of glue is especially useful for projects that require fast, strong adhesion, such as card making, scrapbooking, jewelry making, decorative object decorating, and more.

Magic Tacky Glue usually comes in a bottle with an applicator that allows for precise application of the adhesive.

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