Transparent contact glue
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Transparent contact glue

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Clear contact glue is the ideal universal adhesive to achieve invisible quality joints.

This strong glue sticks with maximum strength, provides clear seams, and is easy to spread.

Being multimaterial, this transparent glue is used for joints in all types of wood, plywood, chipboards and decorative laminates, cork, leather, leather, rubber and rubber, and can also be applied on synthetic materials (such as rigid and flexible PVC) and textiles , among others.

Not suitable for gluing photos, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon®. It is recommended to do a test in an inconspicuous place.

It is used a lot in scrapbooking by Russian artists.

Weight: 125gr.


In scrapbooking, contact glue is used to securely adhere materials such as paper, cardstock, photos and other decorative elements to the scrapbook page or other craft projects. Contact glue is a strong, durable adhesive that is applied to both surfaces to be joined and allowed to dry before joining. Once the surfaces are in contact, the adhesion is permanent.

Contact glue is especially useful when working with heavier materials or materials with different textures, as it provides a strong bond and prevents items from peeling off over time. Also, by applying the contact glue to both surfaces, it creates a more uniform bond and prevents wrinkles or bubbles in the paper or images.

It is important to note that contact glue can be quite a strong adhesive and does not allow for readjustment of elements once they are in contact. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful when using it and make sure that the elements are well aligned before pressing them together.

In short, contact glue is a popular choice in scrapbooking due to its strong adhesion and ability to bond different materials durably and securely.

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