COMPLETE materials KIT "Reyes Magos"
  • COMPLETE materials KIT "Reyes Magos"

COMPLETE materials KIT "Reyes Magos"


COMPLETE materials KIT that we have prepared for our great FREE online COURSE "Reyes Magos".

It includes some special items that you will only find inside this KIT and will be used by our designers from the creative team in the elaboration of your photo album.

More information about the COURSE can be found here.

You can see all the course tutorials on our YouTube channel, here.

Course dates: November 9, 2022 to December 27, 2022.

Course content:

REF: Product Units.

PC1702 Gray cardboard 7

PP1651 Pack of papers “Three Wise Men” 1

PP1652 Pack of basic papers “Three Wise Men” 1

CT4245 Silhouette "Christmas Tree" 1

CT4246 "Ferris Wheel" Silhouette 1

CT4247 Silhouette "Crown of Three Wise Men" 1

CT4244 Silhouette "Roscón de Reyes" 1

CT4248 Silhouette "Gift Boxes" 1

EP6344 Gold metallic eco-leather 1

AF5118 Acetate frames gold 1

AP6251 Puffy alphabet - gold 1

CE2622 Chipboard Rey Gaspar 1

CE2621 ​​Chipboard Rey Melchor 1

CE2623 Chipboard Rey Baltasar 1

CS4064 Chipboard Wise Men Phrases 1

CE2271 Chipboard background snowflakes 1

CE2312 Christmas Mobile Chipboard 1

CE2280 Chipboard christmas trees 1

CE2620 Chipboard Roscon de Reyes 1

AS6114 17cm square shaker. 1

EA6615 Grass green suede 1

EA6634 Suede imperial red 1

AD8318 LED lights 1 meter warm white 1

AD8310 Diamond chain 90cm. 1

PF1766 Gold white “Dahlia” foil paper 1

AD8326 Fir Branch with Berries 1

 Padding wadding 50x60 cm. 1

 Christmas ribbon 1 meter 1

 Gold methacrylate sheet "Handmade" and 2 brads 1

 Filling MIX for shaker, special KIT 1

 SET of gemstones, special KIT 1


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