Mirror methacrylate letters
  • Mirror methacrylate letters

Mirror methacrylate letters

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Mirror methacrylate letters of different colors.

Height: 5 cm.

Thickness: 2 mm.

The letters have a protective plastic film that must be removed before handling.

Exclusive Features:

  • Mirroring Shine: High-quality mirror methacrylate creates a dazzling mirror effect that adds a touch of glamor and elegance to your creations, capturing attention with its radiant reflection.
  • Dazzling Variations: Available in gold for a luxurious touch, silver for classic elegance and pink for delicate charm, these letters allow you to personalize your projects to suit your style and the occasion.</li >
  • Creative Versatility: From event décor to DIY projects, these mirrored perspex letters are perfect for a variety of applications, including custom names, signs and wall décor.
  • Exclusive Event Decoration: Elevate the elegance of weddings, birthdays and special events with mirror letters that add a touch of sophistication. Create welcome signs, table numbers or initials for a personalized touch.
  • Easy Integration into DIY Projects: Lightweight and easy to work with, mirror methacrylate easily adapts to DIY projects. Glue, hang or incorporate these letters into your creations for a flawless finish.

Creative Ideas with Mirror Letters:

  • Centerpieces: Use mirror letters as central elements to create centerpieces that reflect elegance.
  • Wall Decoration: Design inspiring words or phrases to beautify your walls with a modern and bright touch.
  • Details in Special Events: Personalize details such as names of the bride and groom, wedding date or special messages at events for an unforgettable memory.

ATTENTION: It is not recommended to glue with adhesives composed of vinyl acetate known as BLOK or other adhesives that contain solvents, these glues can degrade the reflective layer of the methacrylate.

Recommendation: Glue the letters with water-based adhesives such as Tacky Glue or similar.

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