Square shaker 12 cm
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  • Square shaker 12 cm

Square shaker 12 cm

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Shaker cuadrada de 12x12 cm. Interior de 9x9 cm.

Consta de 3 piezas:

  • madera de 4 mm
  • acetato de 0,5 mm
  • chipboard de 1,5 mm

A SHAKER is a decorative element used in Scrapbooking, which consists of a kind of transparent window or pocket filled with small mobile elements, such as sequins, confetti, marbles, acrylic nuggets and diamonds, plastic figures, glitter, among others. These elements are located inside the pocket and move when it is shaken, hence the name SHAKER (which in English means "shaker" or "shaker").

The idea behind a SHAKER in Scrapbooking is to add interactivity and dimension to pages or cards. Materials such as acetate or clear plastic are used to create the window or pocket. Methacrylate, wood or cardboard is used for the base of the SHAKER.

SHAKERS are popular in Scrapbooking because they add a playful and eye-catching touch to the creations, and allow you to personalize the designs with thematic elements or according to the occasion. They can be used on album pages, greeting cards, invitations and other creative stationery projects.

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