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stamps - Christmas Tale

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set of 10 acrylic stamps, for Scrapbooking. It consists of individual stamps: a gnome, a blueberry branch, a star, a gift box, some bells, a house, a knitting pattern, a garland, a Christmas ball and a sock. 100% Spanish design. Template size 10 x 15 cm


Acrylic stamps are tools used in crafts and stamping projects. They are made of clear acrylic and have a design engraved on one side. These stamps are usually used in conjunction with a stamping block to transfer the engraved image to different surfaces.

Acrylic stamps are popular in the world of scrapbooking, creative stationery and card decoration. They are used to add decorative elements, patterns, words or phrases to different projects. The stamp is covered in ink and then pressed onto paper or any other desired surface to transfer the image.

The advantage of acrylic stamps is their transparency, allowing for precise positioning and a clear display of where the image will be placed. They are also easy to clean after use, simply wash with mild soap and water.

In addition, acrylic stamps are versatile since they can be used with different inks, such as water-based inks or pigment inks, which allows different effects and colors to be obtained in projects.

In short, acrylic stamps are tools used in crafts and stamping projects to transfer engraved designs onto different surfaces. They are easy to use, allow for precise positioning, and offer a wide variety of creative options in projects such as scrapbooking, stationery, and card decoration.

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