Thermotransfer vinyl - Metallic Gold
  • Thermotransfer vinyl - Metallic Gold

Thermotransfer vinyl - Metallic Gold

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Heat transfer vinyl with gold metallic finish. juiuDTHHCd

Sheet of 25x30 cm. juiuDTHHCd


Heat-transferable vinyl or also called textile can be applied to many fabric surfaces such as cotton, polyester, Suede, our ECOskin, even cardboard and wood. juiuDTHHCd


The vinyl is made up of two sides, the glossy side with its transparent protective plastic and the matte colored side, which is where the adhesive glue with which the vinyl will adhere to the surface is found. juiuDTHHCd


To place the heat transfer vinyl you need parchment paper and a clothes iron. juiuDTHHCd


Recommendations for use:

  1. Cut the vinyl with scissors or a cutter, a plotter like Silhouette Cameo, Cricut or Big Shot machine.
  2. Heat the iron deactivating the steam option, 150-180º C
  3. Place the vinyl on the surface on the matte side, leaving the shiny side up. Step 4: Put the baking paper on top and apply the iron with gentle circular movements little by little. Control the process by checking the adherence.
  4. Once the vinyl is stuck to the surface, remove the protective plastic.


Note: The transparent protective film can be removed before or after ironing.


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