KRAFT laminated cardboard of 1,2 mm.
  • KRAFT laminated cardboard of 1,2 mm.

KRAFT laminated cardboard of 1,2 mm.

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Cardboard laminated on both sides with kraft papers.

Size: 32 x 30 cm.

Thickness: 1.2 mm.

Weight: 780 gr/m2


Laminated Cardboard on Both Sides specially designed for lovers of Scrapbooking and creative crafts. This unique cardboard combines the strength of laminated cardboard with the natural and elegant appearance of brown kraft papers.

Featured Features:

  • Great Rigidity: Laminated cardboard offers exceptional robustness, providing support and structure to your creative projects. Whether creating scrapbooks, decorative cards or personalized boxes, this cardboard ensures durability and firmness.
  • Natural and Elegant Appearance: Brown kraft paper gives your creations a natural and sophisticated touch. This timeless look makes your projects stand out, providing a perfect neutral canvas to express your creativity.
  • Ideal for Scrapbooking: Its unique properties make it the perfect companion for scrapbooking. Cut, paste and decorate with ease, creating unique and memorable designs.
  • Perfect for Crafts: In addition to scrapbooking, this laminated cardboard is ideal for a variety of crafts. From creating decorative boxes to making ornaments, its versatility will allow you to explore various forms of artistic expression.

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